7 steps to become a Voice Dubbing Artist

Part Time Job 7 Steps to become A voice over Artist
Manu & Parul

7 steps to becoming a Voice Dubbing Artist in Hindi.

Looking for a part-time job ?

Want a career in Voice dubbing?

Dont know where to start ?

Read on.

The voice dubbing industry has grown enormously in the past decade. ” From a couple of Channels and a couple of hours of dubbing content, it has grown to 100s of channels 1000s of hours of Films, Series, Animation, Ads, Shopping channels..etc. You name it, It needs dubbing.
Its a BIG CAKE and its getting bigger.

Questions are, how do you plan to get your part of the Cake ?
1. Where to start ?
2. What are the skills required and how to learn them ?
3. How do I get in to the industry ?.. etc

Now Parul Bhatnagar will explain in 7 easy but proven steps how to Successfully become a Voice over artist in her online class “7 STEPS TO BECOMING A VOICE/DUBBING ARTIST”. Parul Bhatnagar is the Voice of Shizuka in Doraemon, Kazama Masao, Himavari in Shinchan and may others. With 1000 of Hours of dubbing experience she is the best teacher you will ever find. The Course teaches you to

  • How to become a Dubbing Artist and
  • How to market yourself an earn money

4 Major reasons to choose  a voice dubbing as a part time  job.

  1. The entertainment industry is growing faster and stronger than ever and before.
  2. The demand for dubbing/ voice over artists are mounting day by day and they are required in most sectors of media, be it television, films, or even radio.
  3. By 2020, 80% of Internet content would be Video.
  4. Its Learnable with very minimal investment and with out prior knowledge. Investment mostly being time.


6 Benefits of taking voice dubbing/voiceover as a  Job.

  1. You work Whenever you want and where-ever you want
  2. You are your own Boss
  3. You have unlimited Income potential compared to a salary
  4. You dont have to sit at a desk all day. For the most part you wont have to worry about losing your job.
  5. Voice dubbing doesn’t have an age barrier all age groups are required and all kinds of voices
  6. If you know an extra language then your potential clients double.


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