Our Services

Digital Video Content Production, Music Production, Mixing & Mastering

Digital Content Production

Agni Digital Studios Specialises in Music videos, Web Series, Documentaries, live Shows & AVs. It offers Line Production and Locations everywhere in India.

Music Production

Agni Digital Studios Produce Songs in all languages, Background scores for films, documentaries, AVs, Web content and Music & Sound design for live shows.

Mixing And Mastering

The Studio Provides Mixing and Mastering Services for, Songs, Live Shows, Music Scores and any audio that needs professional mixing or mastering. We also provide tracks "Mastered for ITunes"

Our Story

Agni digital was founded by Manu Rajeev Vishwamitra after he felt the need to put all his expertise together to help singers and musicians bring out quality music. It grew in to the Video scene with cinematographer Astisva Nagender joining him. Agni Digital was found in 2013 by an artist and is today run by artists, Its team is a group of dedicated professionals who are experts in there respective fields. Unlike others we put people first. Like Henry Matisse once said " Creativity take courage ". we try to inspire and bring out the best in people.

Our Team

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Albert Jacobs
Founder & CEO
Tonya Garcia
Account Manager
Linda Guthrie
Business Development

Happy Customers

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Latest news

  • Sep, 9

    AgniDigital is Back!

    We were doing some housekeeping and moving servers and that led to some downtime. But that is in the past now! We are back! Stronger than ever. More updates and news on what is new, coming soon. Thank you for your continued patronage.

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